Brian during the South Sound Small Business Summit

I couldn’t stop talking about all the ideas Brian had this has inspired us for both of our businesses


Why hire Brian to speak at your event?

Speakers need to be able to do three things:  Entertain, Engage and Educate.  While gaining new knowledge is often the paramount goal when bringing a speaker to your organization, the desired content can be lost if the audience is not motivated to stay tuned in to what the speaker is sharing.  Keeping your team entertained and engaged is certainly not a skill that all speakers possess.  We’ve all set through a seminar or class and found ourselves trying to figure out how to keep our minds busy by discretely checking our email or scrolling through social media pages.

With years of practice speaking to groups of all sizes – teaching everything from safety practices to sales techniques and communication skills, I have developed the ability to keep people entertained and engaged by simply bringing humor the conversation, and getting the participants to share their own stories that are relevant to the conversation or topic.

I will work with you to create the exact content you would like your team to learn, help you to identify ways to get your team to embrace the message you would like conveyed, and help you create strategies to make sure the new information is put in to practice and not left behind when the participants leave the event.  If you do not have specific content to deliver, that’s OK too.  I can create a valuable message for your team with just a little guidance from you on the area(s) you are looking to improve.

Why keep your success waiting?  Contact me now to get you and your team headed in the right direction.

Make decisions and create strategies based upon where you want to be, not where you are.

-Brian Harding

Sample Topics

  • How to create a 30-second ‘elevator speech that will absolutely separate you and your company from your competitors.
  • The most important part of the sales process – and it doesn’t involve ‘closing’.
  • The fastest way to improve Key Performance Indicators.
  • At least three ways you’re driving away your best employees.
  • How to determine which areas of your business to improve first.

Speaking Fee: $5,000 or as negotiated