Welcome to Growing Your Successful Business. This podcast is about all things relating to running a small to medium sized business. My goal is to entertain and educate my audience. As business owners and managers, we are tasked with being knowledgeable in all facets of running a business – Marketing, Legal, HR, Sales, Training, Accounting, and the list goes on and on. Most of us are not experts in many, or even any, of these categories. But, we must make decisions on a daily basis in all of these areas. Uninformed, or just plain bad decisions can ruin a good company.

Each week I will take on a segment of Business Management with an industry expert. I will share my experiences from running a business that started with 3 people in 2011 and has quickly grown to 50 people just 8 years later. We will learn from success stories as well as failures; what successful people have done well, and what – given the chance – they would do differently. Thank you for listening.  — Brian Harding

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