Brian is a well know owner of a successful plumbing company located in the Pacific Northwest. Brian works with business of all sizes to assist them with making smarter decisions and avoiding common pitfalls when starting or growing a successful business. To contact Brian to see how he can help you. Click here to send him a message.

Why Brian would be a good consultant for you and your business:

When hiring a consultant, you want a professional who has really been there, not just someone who has read a series of article or books on the latest, “Fix it,” or, “Business improvement,” trends.  You want someone who knows what it takes to balance multiple facets of your business when implementing new procedures or expectations.  For instance, setting new sales goals or expectations for your team can’t be successful without considering the impact on your team’s morale or your business culture.

I have experienced a balanced career with specialties in Sales, Sales Management and Sales Training, Inventory Management, HR, Legal, Operations, Accounting and Finance, and perhaps most importantly, Process Improvement.  With a well-rounded background, I can help diagnose areas needing improvement, and help you develop processes and implement plans to improve those key areas.

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I have experience with companies of all sizes; large companies – managing dozens of employees and departments while maintaining responsibility for millions of dollars in revenue and inventory, I have experienced starting a company from square one and growing it to a medium-sized company in just a few years – experiencing all of the growing pains that accompany that process, and have developed critical knowledge that is necessary to motivate people, including the business leader.

I will help you get to the root of a problem quickly, devise strategies and processes to solve those problems effectively while maintaining the key relationships inside and outside of your organization necessary to make it all happen.  Helping you create your success with reasonable, attainable and measurable goals will be my mission, and I have the passion and ability to make your success a reality.

Every moment you wait is another moment you and your team are not as prosperous as you could be.  Contact me now to start your journey to success.